About Breakthrough

Breakthrough Church is a diverse group of people from a wide range of backgrounds, brought together by our common passion for Jesus and people.

The Church was founded in the early 1970s by the Assemblies of God in Blackburn. From the late 70’s it was led by David and Olive Reekie. In 2006 Peter and Christine Lewis became lead pastors of Breakthrough and in 2015 the church completed construction of its new facility in Bayswater.

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Our Mission

Our mission states: “We are God’s ambassadors bringing His breakthrough love and power to the world.”

In everything we do we aim to train and equip people who represent God. People who have both the character and power of God operating in their lives and people who bring God’s breakthrough love and power to those in our community as well as to people all around the world.

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Our Name

In 1 Chronicles 14 we read of how God miraculously defeated the enemies of His people. In this passage He reveals Himself to David as the “Master of the Breakthrough.”

God is able to bring breakthroughs in our lives – He has the power to break things that nobody else could change. We are called Breakthrough because we are passionate about people meeting the God who is the only one that can bring them the breakthroughs they truly need.

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Our Values

At Breakthrough we have some core values that guide everything we do:

  • Jesus
    Our church exists because of Jesus. He has rescued us. He has helped us. And He gives us true meaning and purpose in this life. Jesus is the centre of our church and everything we do is for His glory.
  • People
    We love people! People of all ages. People from all backgrounds. We love helping people wherever they’re at. We love showing God’s love to people. We love helping people meet the God who can help them like nobody else can. If you are in the Melbourne area we would love for you to come along and join our family.
  • Love
    Jesus has changed us with His amazing love, and we are passionate about showing that love to our community, our city and our world. This love compels us to reach those around us, to show them love, care and provide the real help they need. And it compels us to bring them to a place that they can experience Jesus’ love like we have.
  • Growth
    The work that Jesus did in us is ongoing. We haven’t made it, but we are constantly growing and maturing as God uses His Word (the Bible) to change us. That’s why you will hear the Bible in everything we do at Breakthrough, because we are passionate about every one of us growing more and more all the time!
  • Breakthroughs
    When we say we follow Jesus we are not talking about a historical figure. Yes He did live 2000 years ago, but He rose from the dead and is very much alive today. We serve the living God who works His power in the world today. We follow the God who enables people to experience breakthroughs in their everyday lives! We are passionate about people encountering this God and seeing Him breakthrough for them!
  • Worship
    We serve an awesome God, and we believe He deserves whole-hearted, uninhibited, creative worship! So at Breakthrough you will always see passionate musicians and singers leading us in heart-felt praise and worship. And our worship is more than the songs that we sing, but we aim to worship God through the lives we live.
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Our Denomination

Breakthrough Church is a member of the Australian Christian Churches.

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