Welcome to Superkid Academy, where ordinary kids do extraordinary things!

Superkids runs every Sunday morning and is designed for children from Pre-School to Grade 6.

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Every Sunday morning our kids transform from normal, everyday children into secret agent Superkids!

When they enter their top-secret Superkid Facility they take part in a fun and energetic program custom designed for children up to the age of 12.

The Superkids are led by their “Commanders” through exciting activities, energetic music and engaging lessons to help them learn what it really means to be a Superkid, following Jesus in every part of their life, all the while having a great time with other kids just like them!

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Superkid Academy happens in three different locations (all on-site at Breakthrough) during our Sunday morning church service. Each space is uniquely designed to effectively cater to the needs and desires of each individual child.

Balloon Room (Pre-School)
This is a special space where our youngest cadets can learn in a bright, colourful and fun-filled environment and even be rewarded with play time on the indoor play equipment.

The Submarine (Prep – Grade 2)
Here our junior cadets can navigate the depths of the sea, look through the portholes at some of the deep-sea creatures (and maybe even a shipwreck) whilst they participate in engaging lessons teaching them all about being a Superkid.

The Rocket (Grade 3 – Grade 6)
Senior cadets get to spend their time inside a rocket exploring the heights of space. Here they can control their flight through the planets and stars, whilst also enjoying activities and lessons designed specifically for their age group.

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