Small Group Leader

At Breakthrough, anybody can lead a small group (as long as they do the below steps).
You don’t have to know everything, you just have to have a good idea!

In order to become a Small Group Leader you simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Complete Launchpad
    Launchpad is designed to launch you into what you were made for. Why not check it out?
  2. Complete Small Group Leader Training
    Step 4 of Launchpad involves launching you into the role that’s just right for you.S o you simply need to complete “Step 4” for small group leaders (if you’ve already completed the Launchpad you don’t have to re-do steps 1-3).
  3. Find a Leading Buddy
    A small group only needs 2 people to get started:
    – The leader (that’s you)
    – Your leading buddy (find someone willing to get amongst it with you)
  4. Tell us your ideas!
    Fill out this simple form to tell us your idea for a small group.
    Once you’ve downloaded and filled it out you can give it in person to your coach or leader – or you can email it to us.
  5. Be coached
    All our small group leaders are committing to being coached. This simply involves a 20 minute phone chat each week where you chat with your coach about your group and your walk with Jesus.