Welcome to myGrow!

We’re so glad you’re here! At Breakthrough we are all committed to be constantly growing, so we’ve created MyGrow to help us all do that – as a team!

You’ll find here a range of videos and other resources to help us grow together in our personal walks with Jesus, in our people skills with each other and in our practical skills as a part of Team Breakthrough.

People Skills

Ps Joshua Bulger | 1 Ownership

Serve from a position of ownership.

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#TeamTalks | Episode 3 Countenance

What is Countenance? And why is it so important?

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#TeamTalks | Episode 2 ___ I've Got Your back

What is your first response when something doesn't go "as planned"?

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Personal Skills

Don't Be a Cookie Monster Christian

Everyone knows that we should love the Word but we must be sure we don't love it like Cookie Monster loves cookies.

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What is Submission? Part 1

How do people define submission and how does that compare to the bible's definition?

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What is Submission? Part 2

To understand what true submission is, you first need to know what it is not.

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Practical Skills

How to Create Breakthrough Videos

Learn how to make training videos for Team Breakthrough

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How to Create Breakthrough Documents

Learn how to make documents for Team Breakthrough

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How to Add End of Video Links in Youtube

Adding a "next video" link to clearly guide viewers through a series

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Team Skills

Below are some links to more specific resources for each of the teams at Breakthrough.

Here you’ll find some great resources about the vision of each team, the specifics of each role and some really hands-on  tips to help with all the practical skills!

Click on a team to find out more.