Launch into what you were made for!

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To complete Launchpad follow these instructions (click here) to create an account using the Code Word: Breakthrough



The Bible says you are a masterpiece – made unique by God for a special purpose that only you can fulfill! Launchpad is a 4 week course designed to help you discover and launch into the journey of what you were made for!

Check out the videos below to learn more about the Launchpad and what each of the 4 steps involves.

Step One – Partnership

We’re committing to do this journey together, so in stepONE we chat a bit about Breakthrough and what it means to partner together.


Step Two – Purpose

God made you unique for a purpose that only you can fulfill. In stepTWO we begin the journey of discovering that purpose.


Step Three – Preparation

In stepTHREE we help you to be practically prepared to launch into what you were made for.


Step Four – Participation

Now it’s time for you to launch onto the journey of what you were made for! StepFour helps you begin that journey and sets you up in a team to prosper.


I’m ready to Launch!

If you’re keen to do Launchpad that’s great! You don’t have to register, just turn up. Each step of Launchpad involves a 60 minute class directly after church on a Sunday.

The first Sunday of each month is stepONE, the second Sunday is stepTWO and the third Sunday is stepTHREE. stepFOUR can then be completed at any point.

You can complete the first three steps in any order, but you have to complete all three of them in order to do stepFOUR.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!